For the love of cake

A few weeks ago, a coffee shop opened right by where we live. We visited a couple of times in their first 10 days. Finally a cool place to go for a coffee within walking distance! It’s tiny, it’s super cute and most importantly its really nice owners were looking for a baker to supply them with cakes.
A couple of days later I presented them with two samples of my delicious banana and walnut loaf, and lemon and poppy seed cake! Yum! They loved them as much as I do and decided to take my cakes on board!  Yesterday my assistant / boyfriend George delivered the first batch of two orange cakes and one lemon and poppy seed cake.
I’m hoping to expand my limited repertoire soon, I will keep you posted. On the meantime this is one of my favorite way to take cakes over to someone’s house. Super easy to make and it makes them look adorable. They are from Making Nice in the Midwest and you can find the tutorial here.
These pretty peacock measuring spoons from Our Workshop are definitely on my wish list.
And finally, this is one of the most useful prints for baking I have ever come across! It’s from Chasing Delicious and it has saved me a lot of measuring in the past and I hope it does for you as well! Happy baking!


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