Dipping your way into homemade gifts

In preparation for the 10k run I participated on a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a couple of “well done” homemade gifts for my running buddies. Being 100% on board with this year’s dipping trend and having a massive surplus of strawberry plants proved to be the winning combination.

The dipped look is so easy to achieve and can be applied to almost anything. These are some of my faves out there, like these clean and simple dipped stools, this great turquoise chair or this navy looking chair for the corridor which add an unexpected touch to a dinning area or just any lonely corner of your home.

I also love these wooden cooking utensils and bowls (pastels? Yes please!)

I decided to give each of my friends a baby plant in a DIY painted terracotta pot. They’re super easy to make and they are a really cute presents! All you need is acrylic paint or spray paint, masking tape and a cute flower pot.

After you have put masking tape marking the area where you want the paint to reach, I recommend giving the area a coat of white paint. Even though I skipped that step, it will make the colors stand out more.

These pots were really tiny which made them even cuter. The end result looked really nice and they made good presents. I think they would be great as a group, in different sizes, as table centerpiece. Maybe nice at a wedding, allowing the guests to take them home afterwards. I would love that!


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