Get stamping with these downloadable freebies

I am crazy about stamps. You can use them for all occasions, on birthday or thank you cards, on name tags, on little notes, as a pattern to make some cool gift wrap, pretty much you can use them everywhere. I am so crazy about stamps that I thought it would be the best idea to create a signature stamp for my other half and I. It would be like a fun personal mark AND it would be super cool. Let me tell you we have never looked back, I have never looked back.

My advice is: get cracking! If you don’t have the necessary software on you computer to create something digitally then grab a permanent marker and sketch away. The best thing is that it can be anything. I’ve used a curly hair face to sign my name forever so I thought it would be appropriate to use it in ours but you can just use your name, ask a friend that has some nice hand writing or make a cute drawing like me! After that, scan it and send it to a stamp maker. They are loads and it’s really easy to find one that suits you on Google. I used The English stamp company because it’s one of the few in England that still does stamps with a wooden handle for a fair price.

It has been a few months since we got out stamp made and it has had its fair amount of uses so I thought it was time to get some new ones in. I created some new designs and so far I have behaved and only got made two of them. I guess the rest will follow when I can no longer contain myself!

I thought I could put them up here as well for you guys to download and get your own stamps made! You can also print them out on brown or color paper and use them as little tags. Download here no.1 Delicious, no.2 Wow, no.3 Totally awesome and perfect for little handmade goodies no.4 Made with love

Lastly, these are some of my favorite stamp ideas out there at the moment. I am really pleasantly surprised by the cuteness you can achieve with this pencil stamp idea by stampaholic Carloe Liu. Use the rubber as a stamp to make your own pattern as it shows in the picture or cut the rubber in a triangular shape and create loads of stamp-bunting!

I also love love love the stamps in Eat Pray Create Etsy’s shop. They are mega cute and I will surely be taking them as inspiration in the future. Out there, there is literally a stamp for everything, ready to suit all needs and purposes, so bring some ink into your life and get stamping away!


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