Facet-inspired card making tutorial

I am not a massive card sender, but when I do decide – or remember – to send one I try to find something a bit special. I’m sure most of you do, and if that is the case you know it’s not always easy. That is why this time I decided to make one myself.

This card is really easy to make and you can change it so it accommodates your taste or, best of all to adapt the design and make it Christmas themed so you can make some send them to your family and friends. But I guess that is another post, in a few weeks time!

All you will need for these cards is: some blank cardboard, I bought mine already folded as it makes your life so much easier, a few post-it notes, a pencil, a sharp scalpel, some scissors and a gold colored pen.

Draw some triangles over the part of the post-it note that has the sticky bit. This is so you can stick them on the card so you can use them as templates and then you take them off as easily.

Cut the triangles off and stick them on a corner of your card. Be careful to leave enough space between them. Keeping the card folded, cut off the outside part of the triangle-cluster to what will end up being the edge of the card. For this cut off both pieces of cardboard. Because it’s the outside you can do it with scissors.

Unfold the card so you are now only cutting off the top side of the card. Carefully not to chop a finger, cut a triangle inside each triangle, so you end up basically getting a triangle frame. If you don’t think you can approximate just draw a smaller triangle inside the post-it template. Alternatively, you can avoid all this by simple using smaller triangles than the ones used on the outside. I found it easier not to use a ruler for this as I couldn’t really see the post-its. I had to then go really slow to make sure all the lines were straight.

Once you’ve cut off all the triangles, fold the card back on and trace the inside of the triangles with a pencil to the cardboard below. Retrace and fill all the triangles with the beautiful golden pen. Make those triangles a bit bigger with the pen so there’s no white bits once you’ve folded the card.

Let it dry and you are ready to fill it up with wonderful messages! Maybe even use a totally awesome stamp!


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