Permanent marker fun times

I have to confess I am a bit obsessed with crockery or, in fact, with all things and gadgets belonging to a kitchen. So even though I live in the tiniest flat, it always seems a good idea to add to my collection. That why I was all in when I discovered what crafty peeps out there where doing with permanent pens and every day items.

This is a super fun project to do. You could invite a few girlfriends round for a tea, cake and crafts afternoon, make these and everyone would go home happy. Also, they are great as party favours adding a personal message for that extra touch, or you can make his and hers mugs for you and your other half. They are a nice thing to receive, I have one myself!

It’s virtually mess free and it doesn’t require and special tools – you’ll only need some plain mugs or teacups of your choice and a permanent marker. I have tried using a no-bake porcelain pen before but it wasn’t majorly successful. Remember to wipe the crockery beforehand so there is no dust or finger grease. Once you are done drawing or writing your message on it bake for 30mins at 175C (350F).

There are plenty of little cute projects you can use your maker pen on to decorate fairly plain everyday items. The now ever so trendy (but very hard to find in England) mason jars, are the perfect blank canvas. Aesthetic Outburst was lucky enough to find some plain ones and make this gorgeous hand-patterned ones.

One the other hand, if you enjoy drawing and are a bit of a guitar player, why not customise your guitar like this one by Patrick Fisher? Have a look at all his cool stuff in Flickr.

If you are looking for something a lot less complicated, maybe some crafts you can do with your kids, have  look at this cute glasses from Estéfi Machado instead.

Slightly moving away from the permanent marker area, check out this brilliant tutorial with chalkboard markers instead for some temporary polka dots tights from Say yes to Hoboken. Enjoy!

Polka dot tights photos by Kate Skogen of JetKat Photography.


5 thoughts on “Permanent marker fun times

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  2. Wait, wait, wait! So with your decorated porcelains, I see you have drawn down into the cups and across the saucers. Once the permanent ink is baked, it is safe to eat off of/drink out of? You know, before I conjure up a design and all that…=P

    • For what I know, it is safe. I have been drinking out of them without a problem or drinks changing in taste. All you need to do is hand-wash them carefully : ) Enjoy!

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