An extra special mini Christmas wreath card

This year I wanted to make a small amount of truly gorgeous handmade cards. I had this idea of a DIY mini wreath card and, originally, I was only going to make 5 or so and give them to a few special people.

After experiencing how much work it’s involved in this, it would probably take quite a long time to achieve that number (ooops!) so I reckon that unless you are prepared to see this project through a few hours, it would be best if you approach it as an extra special Christmas card for that extra special someone.

This is what you’ll need, as you’ll see there’s a few things missing from the picture, ooops!

  • A blank card
  • Some thin twigs from outside
  • A scalpel and scissors
  • Fishing line or very thin metal wire – I thought the metal wire worked really well
  • A jar lid or something to cut out a circle with
  • Black and gold pens
  • A stamp or picture – something personal

First things first, soak the twigs in warm water for about 10 minutes or so, this will make them more flexible. Carefully wrap the first twig around a glass that has the width you are looking for. Secure it with wire and leave it so more twigs can be added to that same wire. Start adding more twigs, in total you should have 3 or 4 wires securing them in different places of the wreath. Once you have made the shape with 3 twigs or so you can fatten it up with some more without the glass.

Find a jar lid or something to cut out with a circle on your card. It has to be slightly bigger than the mini wreath. Carefully cut out a circle on only one side of the card.

Cute some small holes or triangles at top and bottom and either side of the cut out circle. Tie up the wreath to the card with some thin ribbon. I quite liked it how it looked with the knots showing at the front but if you don’t like it just move them to the back once you’ve tied it.

Now, I have mentioned before I am a HUGE fan of stamps. If you and your other half don’t have a stamp, that’s cool (it is an awesome thing to have though), you can use a picture of you both or just make a cute drawing of whatever you want, and put it in the inside of the card so you can see it through the wreath.

Last but not least, decorate the front of your card with a nice hand drawn Merry Christmas. I added some golden dots around the wreath on the inside of the card. The look great from outside and once you open it they make the inside quite special as well. Hope that extra special someone enjoys it!


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