Quick and cute surprise advent calendar

Even though every year gorgeous advent calendars are some of the stars of the Christmas season I’ve never really bought or made one. That changed this year.

As it turns out, George is away in Scotland for work and I am leaving for Riga today so we are going to miss each other out and only meet for a quick lunch. I like leaving little things for him when I’m not home so, with that in mind, I decided to make my own quick version of this really sleek and minimal advent calendar from Klotzaufklotz for George to discover when he got back.

Made with some of the left over oven baked clay and painted the sides with red acrylic for a Christmasy look, I then printed a red Christmas pattern onto an A4 sheet and wrote all sorts of nice messages on the blank side for him to open everyday. I rolled them up and inserted them into the little holes. You don’t have to go for the minimal look, go all out and make a Christmas tree shaped one – if you have a big cookie cutter it will work a treat!


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