Bringing something to the table

This year we are going over to my folk’s for Christmas, so today we are having Fake Christmas with my other half’s family. There is going to be a massive feast ready for us to eat so taking food or drink as a hostess gift is really a bit out of the question. I thought flowers might be a bit predictive so, instead, I decided to roll up my sleeves and give floral arrangement a try.

Hostess gift - Pretty flower arrangement DIY

I have a feeling that floral arrangement is probably something much bigger in the States than the UK. I had never done floral arrangement before and this was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to decorate it with some funny extra bits but I ended up leaving it quite simple, just because I was quite pleased with it anyway!

Flower arrangement - flowers

This is what you’ll need:

  • Wet floral foam – easy peasy to get, call your local florist
  • A vase or a container. Mine’s are really in one of those disposable tupperwares, mainly because this was done on a tight budget and because I knew I wanted to wrap it afterwards anyway
  • Brown craft paper or any other sort of paper you like
  • Double sided tape and some cool tape – either washi or something similar
  • Pinking shears (optional)
  • Funky bits to decorate with – mine are some wooden animal decorations for the Christmas tree. That way the can be re-used afterwards!
  • Flowers

My approach to choosing the flowers was to buy two different types. The big flowers that kind of dominate the bouquet and then the smaller greener flowers that give variety and help visually breaking it up and they fill it up.

Flower arrangement DIY - floral foam

This is how you make it:

Prepare the floral foam in advance. Clean your kitchen sink and fill it up so it would totally cover your floral foam in water when holding it down. Let it soak until the foam floats no more. This will take a while. Once it’s soaked it’ll be really heavy and you can now start cutting it to the shape you want. It’s quite delicate so be careful not to press it too hard. Also, cut it so it fits snuggly but it’s not squashed in your vase or container.

Flower arrangement DIY - placing the flowersThe flower stem needs to be cut diagonally so it facilitates drinking the water from the foam. If you are placing flowers horizontally, insert them so the longest point of the stem is at the bottom. Start by placing the biggest flowers, in my case the white ones, to map out the central points of the bouquet. Then put the other “main flowers”.

Flower arrangement DIY - finished flowersFinally add the green bits to fill it up.

Flower arrangement DIY - wrapping paper

I chose craft paper to wrap it up. It looks quite homey and it matched the little wooden animals that I put at the end. Cute the sides with pinking shears to make it extra pretty.

Flower arrangement DIY - securing the paper

Put some double sided tape on each of the corners of the tupperware to secure the paper to it. That way you can give it the shape that you want a lot more easily.

Flower arrangement DIY - wrapping

Give it some shape and add some pretty tape. I’m clearly not very good at placing tape straight!

Hostess gift DIY - Pretty flower arrangement

You are now ready to add funky bits. Go to the 99p / 99c store and get some playful toys or, like me, some Christmas tree decorations.

Flower arrangement DIY - top view Flower arrangement DIY - Irene loves crafts

Considering this was a bit of an experiment and I didn’t really know how it was going to turn out, I am really happy with it. It’s something a bit different to take to a hostess, it’s homemade and it looks great!

For more useful tips on how to use floral foam successfully have a look at this article from the American Rose Society.


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