Mexican inspired cardigan chain

Well hello there trendy world of cardigan chains. I have recently discovered this wonderful accessory, probably brought back to the public eye by actress Jayma Mays playing guidance counselor Emma in the TV series Glee, and I gotta say it is so old school that it’s totally back in fashion. I haven’t really seen them in stores but, the good news is that they are incredibly easy to make.

Cardigan chain detail - Irene loves crafts

So I thought – this is really ace but hey, in all honesty, I am probably not going to wear this. So I made a really cool one anyway as I know a few friends that would love one. It’s seems like a much bigger project that it actually is but, if you have some basic crafting supplies, you won’t need a lot more.


I made a Mexican inspired cardigan chain. Used some Sculpey to make two skulls and I decorated them Mexican styley with colouring pens. You could also use some pretty vintage clip on earrings and you could save yourself a whole lot of trouble. To make this cardigan chain you will need:

  • Chain
  • Two sculpey skulls
  • Two clips – I used blank clip-on earrings
  • Two metallic loops that mach the chain
  • Scissors, pliers and tweezers
  • Colouring pens
  • Glue gun or superglue

Cardigan-chain---sculpey-skulls Cardigan-chain---mexican-skullMake a couple of skulls – or your desired shape – out of Sculpey following package instructions. Decorate with colouring pens in awesome Mexican style.


Use some scissors to cut the chain to the length you like and attach to the clips with a metallic loop. Some plier action will ease things up.


I opted for the double chain look. With the chains and clips set up and my skulls decorated I am ready to go.

Cardigan chain - glue gun

Carefully glue the skulls to the clip. Keep in mind the clip has to open and close easily so make sure not to glue the clasp.

Cardigan chain - skull detail Cardigan chain - Irene loves crafts

You are now ready to rock that awesome chain or to give it away as a great homemade present!


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