Cool prints to own, give or wish for

Living in a very limited space has proved a difficult challenge but for a print lover like me it also means limited wall space. Me and my other half are entertaining the idea of “upgrading” to a 1 bedroom flat instead of the cute tiny studio we now live in. So I have allowed myself to look around, print-dreaming of that near future in which once again I have a blank wall to fill.

Iris - Conrad Roset

I actually own this beauty. It is one of my most loved possessions and I thought it definitely deserved a place here. I saved to buy myself an original and it makes me very happy every time I look at it! It is made by the very talented Conrad Roset. If you want to grab one for yourself you can visit his shop here.

Bad hair day - Doodling a smile

And how big is your smile right now? Funny print with a sun on it will bright up your day. Bad Hair Day from Doodling a smile is to give and to wish for.

Boats - Maddison Graphic

Black and white, check. Simple lines, check. Awesome boats, check. In my list, Boats from Maddison Graphic has it all. One for the future home office, or the bedroom, or the bathroom.

Bowl Stack - Strawberry luna

Super colourful print Bowl Stack from Strawberry Luna would be an awesome housewarming present. You know, in case you want to send me something when we eventually move house  : )

I print - Yeah No Yeah

I have allowed myself to sneak this one in here even though we also own it. George gave it to me for my birthday this year and I think it’s ace. It’s part of a series of a very graphic-y alphabet from Yeah No Yeah. Find your initial!

During the time that I have been writing this post, something funny happened. I was remembering out loud how much I like the boat print and wishing we had more wall space. I thought I had already shown it to George but apparently I hadn’t. He loved it as well so we have now purchased it so we aresure it definitely has a space on our next home. Yay!


Pretty things to look at: New Year’s eve mood-board inspiration

That last and first night of the year is round the corner. For those of you who are lucky enough to not be working on New Year’s eve, here are some pretty things to look at from around the web to get you in the party mood. If you are throwing your own party, they might help you out with those last loose bits you needed to sort out. Personally, I am not gonna be hosting a party this year, but I will surely be using these awesome ideas at some point in 2013.

DIY confetti sling

This DIY confetti slingshot from Green Wedding Shoes is my super-fave. So cool and easy to make.

Shiny stars drink stir sticks

How adorable are these shiny star drink stir sticks. You can find the tutorial and loads of other great ideas over at Somewhere Splendid.

DIY fringe garland

I love this DIY tissue paper tassel garland from Ruffled. It makes me want to have it up all year round.

Mini celebration milkshakes

Got some spare small-ish glasses that you aren’t planning on using? Or maybe you got a bit over-excited buying shot glasses? Why not make this adult-only tiny White Russian milkshakes from Camille Styles?

DIY pinecone placeholder

Oh handy pine cones, how I love you so. To me, they are a bit like pumpkin. A seasonal star that I look forward to all year and once it’s here I try to use it as much as I can. A bit of a random comparison but it works for me! Use them as these cute neon name tags also from Camille Styles.

Champagne and swizzle sticks

If, like me, you love a bit of fizz for any sort of celebration, you need these bad boys in your life. Rock candy and sugar swizzle sticks, picture from Sensationally Sweet Events, you can easily get them online.

Sparkling cranberry brie bites

These sparkling cranberry and brie bites from Annie’s Eats look delicious. I can’t wait to try them.

Glamorous and inexpensive table runner

Lastly, if you are still pondering on how to decorate your table, Bright Bazaar has some wonderful easy ideas which might suit your  adopted “last minute decorating policy”.

But for now, let me wish you all a great end and start of the year. Enjoy your celebrations, whether they’re wild or mild, and see you on the new year! Happy 2013 to you all!

All image credits belong to the links above

Awesome free calendars for 2013

Fully stuffed, several sugar commas and chilled sofa time could easily sum up my Christmas holidays. On my last attempts to do something productive before the end of 2012, I have made a round up of several awesome free calendars for the fast approaching 2013. I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and that you are preparing for some great new year’s eve celebrations!

2013 Calendar freebie - Mibo 2013 Calendar freebie -  Ellinee 2013 Calendar freebie - Impulso creativo 2013 Calendar freebie - My Owl barn 2013 Calendar freebie - Eat drink chic 2013 Calendar freebie - Lau's notebook

2013 Calendar freebie - Design love fest

  1. Minimal animal calendar by Mibo
  2. Typography calendar by Ellinee
  3. Whimsical pattern calendar by Impulso Creativo
  4. Customizable or pre-made calendar from My Owl Barn
  5. Bold and funky “Sweet New Year” calendar by Eat Drink Chic
  6. One page calendar by Lau’s Notebook
  7. Mood-board calendar by Design Love Fest

All image credits belong to the links above

Show off with Furoshiki, the lovely japanese scarf giftwrap technique

The countdown to Christmas has now properly started. Soon, the last weekend before gift-giving day will be here. If you are still planning on how to giftwrap your presents, have you considered the super ancient but also mega cool japanese art of wrapping with scarves also known as Furoshiki?

Scarf Giftwrap Furoshiki - Irene loves crafts

Much easier than it looks and it’s two presents in one. Pop down to your local charity shop (if on a budget) or any clothing store (if not) and pick a few nice scarves, your presents will definitely stand out! I have tested out 4 wrapping styles which are suitable for four different shapes. Find the written tutorial after the  pictures


Kouse Tsutsumi – or the slender object carry wrap

Suitable for small piles of books of similar shape, a shoe box, a box of chocolates or any sort of rectangular shape.

Scarf giftwrap - Kousa Tsutsumi 1 Scarf giftwrap - Kousa Tsutsumi 2 Scarf giftwrap - Kousa Tsutsumi 3 Scarf giftwrap - Kousa Tsutsumi 4 Scarf giftwrap - Kousa Tsutsumi 5

How you do it:

  1. Put the item in the centre of the scarf. 
  2. Take the top and right corners of the scarf and tie them
  3. Take the bottom corner of the scarf and slip it under the knot, it’ll now be between the two other bits
  4. The same corner you just slipped under the knot, tie it together with the left over corner going above the existing knot – sounds complicated but it’s not, the picture should help
  5. You now have a super quirky pressie 

Otsukai Tsutsumi – or the basic carry wrap

Ideal for big books or boxes

Scarf giftwrap - Otsukai Tsutsumi 1 Scarf giftwrap - Otsukai Tsutsumi 2 Scarf giftwrap - Otsukai Tsutsumi 3 Scarf giftwrap - Otsukai Tsutsumi 4

How you do it:

  1. Put the item near one of the corners and fold the scarf over it
  2. “Roll it” so it’s about half way down to the scarf
  3. Fold the bottom corner towards the centre so you only have the left and right corners. Tie them up 

Bin Tsutsumi – or bottle carry wrap

Ideal for two bottles or similar shaped items, even if it’s small scented oil bottles like these, you’ll just need a smaller scarf.

Scarf giftwrap - Bin Tsutsumi 1 Scarf giftwrap - Bin Tsutsumi 2 Scarf giftwrap - Bin Tsutsumi 3 Scarf giftwrap - Bin Tsutsumi 4

How you do it:

  1. Make the two bottles/ items stand up in the middle of the scarf with about 1cm of separation. Tumble them over to their sides so they are laying horizontally on the scarf.
  2. Fold the bottom corner over the bottles
  3. Starting on the bottom side, roll the scarf and bottles towards the top corner
  4. Get both left and right corners together as you make the bottles stand up. Tie them up 

Yotsu Musubi – or 4 tie wrap

Ideal for square boxes. (note – the scarf I used was actually too big for the box, bare those proportions in mind if you decide to go for it)

Scarf giftwrap - Yotsu Musubi 1 Scarf giftwrap - Yotsu Musubi 2 Scarf giftwrap - Yotsu Musubi 3 Scarf giftwrap - Yotsu Musubi 4

How you do it:

  1. Put the box in the centre of the scarf
  2. Take the top and bottom corners and tie a knot on the top of the box
  3. Take the left and right corners and tie a knot on top of the previos know
  4. If necessary, re-tie the first (and bottom) knot over the new knot – so essentially it’s tied 3 times

After all this wonderful Furoshiki you can still decorate this lovely presents with some cool name tags, pine cones, baubles, anything you like really. Go crazy!

These tutorials and many more can be found at

If you want to find out more about Furoshiki, check out it’s Wikipedia page here

Pattern love

Awesome patterns? I think so. Check out this beauties we have lately stumbled upon.

Purple love. Utopian flying by Estrella de Anis

I love every single one of her patterns. Farm to table by Elizabeth Olwen, very talented girl she is.

Great kids towel from Zara Kids, I want it!

Super cute bee pattern from Embletree. You can heck out more of her stuff on her Flickr Photostream

Bold and cheerful floral pattern made by Helen Dardik

Geometric patterns from Kate Thomas, have them on your iPhone!