Out with the blues, in through the letter box

Already two weeks into 2013 and detox is not going very well, it’s too cold and dark to go running and, chances are that, you have the January blues. If you don’t have it then you probably know someone that does or just have that little friend that needs a bit of cheering up.

Out with the blues box - insideSo why not send them a surprise packet through the post to say – hey dude, here’s this box with some pampering bits and bobs, especially for you!

Out with the blues box - materials

Out with the blues box - what's in it

This is what you’ll need

  • Some bits from the store
  • String
  • Tissue paper
  • A small box to post things through

Out with the blues box - goodiesOut with the blues box - inside the box

In the box I put in a detox smoothie Рto help with the January detox, a face mask and a hair mask Рto look as beautiful as ever for the year ahead, a Home is where the craftstation is temporary tattoo Рbecause they are awesome, and an instant hot chocolate and a bag with marshmallows to go with it Рbecause the body could also do with a treat!

Out with the blues box - the packet

Out with the blues box - posting

Wrap it all with some tissue and add a note, just because getting letters AND packets rules. Add a bit of string to the box so it’s super special and you are ready to post it! You are awesome.