Six ace Christmas food leftover recipes

If you haven’t yet started the Christmas eating frenzy you won’t be able to escape it for much longer. If, like me, you like to prepare tones of delicious food no matter the occasion, you will probably encounter the inevitable leftovers. I have found six easy recipes so the tasty uneaten food can be put to good use.

Christmas leftover recipes - Irene loves craftsHere is my list of ace leftover Christmas recipes, find them all through the links:

  1. Turkey and parsnip curry, no-fuss comfort food, can all be cooked in one pan
  2. Awesome dill roast chicken salad sandwich. An awesome snack anytime and a goodie for your work lunchbox, especially those working over the Christmas period
  3. Christmas pudding trifle. Yes, more dessert, because otherwise you’ll get sugar withdrawn symptoms 😉
  4. Salmon Kedgeree with butternut squash, parsnip and fennel. Have it with mimosas. Bringing the glam to your home a meal at a time
  5. Check out these mouth-watering ham-stuffed toms. A sure fave for picky eaters, apparently.
  6. Finally, I firmly believe a bit of baking is always good for the soul. Give it a go with this leftover veg and orange cake

But for now, let me just wish you all a very merry Christmas and an excellent time with your friends and family. Enjoy that Christmas banquet, it only comes once a year!

All images through links above. Credits to:

1. BBC Good Food, 2. Small Kitchen Chronicles, 3. Con Poulos, 4. Meeta K. Wolff Photography, 5. Taste of home, 6. BBC Good Food


Edible gifts to put in a homemade hamper

Even though I am an easy person when it comes to receiving gifts, I believe that homemade edible gifts is something pretty much everyone welcomes warmly into their arms, homes and belly. That’s why an all homemade hamper is easily the ultimate gift. On the other hand, separately make great edible gifts for all occasions: stocking fillers, welcome to the neighbourhood gifts, party favours and thousand and one other purposes.

Here is my list of ace edible gifts, find some easy peasy recipes through the links!

  1. Pickled cucumbers. If you don’t like cucumbers you’ll find that you can pickle quite a lot of good foods with this recipe.
  2. Good for you granola. The absolute best way to start the day.
  3. Flavoured salts. For the salt snob and the regular dude. Several flavours and equally delicious to both palates!
  4. Bourbon, peach and thyme jam. Perfect for those cosy winter afternoons.
  5. Sinful double chocolate chip and pecan cookies. Very addictive. If you are gifting them, also bake a batch for yourself.
  6. Chicken liver pate with sage, apple and thyme. Spread on warm toast is best. The heat of the bread will melt the fat in it and develop the flavour further. Yum!
  7. Hot chocolate. In a jar. Massive win.

If you are still unsure what to give for Christmas to one of your parents (parents have it all, don’t they?!), to your hard-to-buy-for other half, or the work colleague you got given for secret santa, then pick one of these or pick them all. Either way you might just have that present sorted.

All images through links above. Credits to:

1. Fried Chillies, 2. Good Food, 3.Jose Picayo, 4. Pastry Affair, 5. Small Kitchen Chronicles, 6. Anjali Prasertong, 7. Hey Gorgeous

7 seasonal rock stars to get you through the week

I am a big fan of taking advantage of seasonal ingredients when cooking. There’s a big chance that you can only get them for a few months of the year or that they have a much better flavor. So why not give one of these seasonal rock stars a try? Seven delicious dishes to give you culinary inspiration until next Sunday.

I like eating well and I like doing so at lunchtime, on a weekday. Normally I just cook a spare portion at dinner time and I take it into work the following day. Yes, I eat the same two days in a row so that’s why I make sure it’s really yummy. I also have to think about cooking things that are easily transportable and that will still be nice the following day. This sexy lentil and pomegranate salad from Cafe Liz does the trick. You can put this dish together really quickly and you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry.

I do love a dish of warm comfy food now that it’s starting to get quite cold outside and I love a bit of pumpkin and squash. This great cheesy pumpkin risotto from Craving Chronicles is the perfect combination of both. Perfect to impress a date or your other half, I normally substitute the canned pumpkin puree for mashed roasted pumpkin. Don’t mash it too finely so you find chunks of pumpkin throughout.

This grilled artichokes are the perfect add on for one of those night that you just can’t be bothered with cooking! So you grab a wooden chopping board, arrange some cold cuts nicely on it, prepare a herby salad, get the houmous out and make this fantastic grilled artichokes from Camille Styles. You will decide not to cook more often and go for the tapas style dinner.

Back to the comfort food arena, pasta always seems to be a good choice, for dinner on a weekday, lunch on weekends or anytime really! Give this linguini with chestnuts, porcini and mascarpone from the Burg guide a try. Mushrooms and chestnuts? Could it get more seasonal than that? This one is definitely going on the foodie “repeat” list!

If you are feeling that you need another healthy kick to get you through the week, this roasted beets, red onion and feta quinoa salad from the Tastespotting blog will do the trick. Another simple recipe perfect to take to work the next day or to leave you feeling like the weekend wasn’t all indulgence.

Even though we are almost in November, it’s still a good time to get a tasty bite of crab. Crab is best at the end of summer and autumn and it’s great in this Mexican spicy crab and noodle dish by Thomasina Miers. Let free your hidden latino cooking charm and go loco!

Last but not least, I must admit kale is an ingredient that I quickly forget. So I plan to make a real effort and include this awesome chickpea and kale stew from Greens and Seeds in my regular cooking list!

Don’t stop there and experiment with the many seasonal beauties out there. And of course, I always welcome new ideas! Enjoy!